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How to buy a water tank

In the past few decades, we have seen tremendous evolution in water tanks. Moving from old concrete blocks to modern poly tanks, they are always improving. Along with these advancements, water tanks also have new specifications and measurements and with so many varieties, it becomes difficult to pick the best one.

It is with this in mind that we have compiled a water tank buying guide titled “How to buy water tank.”

It is important to get a preliminary idea of the desired water tank that you would like, keeping the following in mind: Type, size, and color

Types of tanks
There are mainly three types of tanks

Metal tanks: These tanks are made from corrugated or flat-rolled metal, which may be galvanised or coated. They often come with a plastic inner lining aqua plate (a specialized form of colorbond sheet) that increases the life of the tank and protects the water quality.

Polyethene (plastic) tanks: Plastic tanks are popular nowadays because they are relatively cheap and durable. They are a good option if you want to store bore or dam water. These tanks can be used for both outdoor and indoor usage.

Fibreglass: Fiberglass tanks are rust and chemical-resistant and are designed to withstand high temperatures. Fibreglass tanks are robust, impact-resistant, and relatively easy to repair. These tanks contain polyester resin and other catalysts.

Size of tank
The size of the tank depends mostly on what and where you intend to use it, for instance, a residential tank can go up to 10,000 litres in capacity while a commercial tank can easily reach 100,000 litres in capacity. The dimensions of the area, in height and width are, of course, dependent on what one can afford and place.

Color of the tank
Currently, there are multiple colors available, especially if you are wanting to buy poly tanks. The color of the tank may be an issue of home décor and wanting the tank to mesh in with its surroundings as much as possible but black and green tanks block the green spectrum of light and slow the growth of waterborne algae, an important consideration when storing water.

Specifications to look for

1) Weight: The weight of the water tank may be a consideration if placement is on a balcony, for example.

2) FDA approved: It is always advantageous to use FDA approved water tanks that fulfil the requirements proposed by the authority.

3) UV stabilized: Nowadays, many water tanks come with a UV stabilized inhibitor. These tanks can resist dangerous UV rays from affecting the liquid inside. 

4) Calibrations: Having gallon calibrations is important if the tank is not translucent or in a dark color.

5) Cap: Having an easy-tighten cap with a wide opening for quick fill-ups is necessary for household tanks that are used daily. 

6) BPA free: Bisphenol A is a chemical most used in plastic water tanks. It has been proposed that this chemical has possible health effects detrimental to the brain and prostate. Therefore, the FDA advises BPA free water tank use.

7) Specific gravity: In order to store water in tanks, the water tank should be able to uphold specific gravity in the range of 1.0-1.35. Other chemicals have varied specific gravity requirements.

8) Warranty: Most water tanks nowadays come up with a 3-year warranty. Once you have bought your favorite water tank, you should check the surface manually. For additional surety, it is also suggested to fill the tank entirely so that any leak can be easily detected.

We hope that this article covers important aspects in choosing the correct tank for your needs. Happy shopping!

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